A world unto its own.

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The limitless possibilities of second life have broadened my horizons.  I can experience an almost limitless flow of information, at any time that I want, for free, or a small fee at some places.  I’ve found that the cyberpunk movement is alive, and well.  There are a lot of cyberpunk, futuretech, steampunk and other countercultures here.

It’s a virtual paradise.

Bouncing through cyberspace, I’ve found that one of my true callings is being an industrial DJ.  Industrial has meant everything to me in my life since I was a kid and heard skinny puppy and kmfdm in the nineties.  I had a lot of influences over the years, and most of them came from industrial culture.

I’ve taken up a position at club Sacrilege and its proving an experience of a lifetime as a young upstart DJ in second life.



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In silico is an expression used to mean “performed on computer or via computer simulation.”

The City in the Sky

insilico1_001At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me as I  set foot onto the steel plated streets of Insilico.   That old, familiar neon assault on my senses slid down my spine playing along the toshiba neuro-impants, flooding my mind with an endless surge of information.  I shivvered at the near erotic sensation and shrugged it off.  From that point on I knew I was home, truly home.

The low humm of an electronic symphony graced my ears as I moved my way into a local bar called the “Blue Ant” where I was greeted by a lovely young human bartender.  Victoria.. the name hard pressed into my memory by that first experience with the city.. Made the best damn vodka twist I have had in ages.

The years had passed.. and I was desperate to find some foothold on reality after coming out of my long slump after that whole clusterfuck in Croatia.  I just blew in on the tail of a rogue transport ship, looking to find a place like this to lay low for a while.  It seems I got more than I bargained for.

The brainchild of Skills Hak and a few co-conspirators, Insilico is one of the most mind blowing sims I have ever seen in SL.  With three complete sims and one more in the works, it’s a cyberpunk paradise with everything one could ever want.

The main focus of the sim is cyberpunk roleplay but also has its fair share of shopping and eye candy for the SL explorer.  Roleplay officially launched on Feb. 8th, 2009 and is off to one hell of a start.

I’ll post updates here every now and then so keep tuned in.

The Insilico Website And SLURL

And you thought you were safe…

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I’ve been away for a while to deal with some personal matters but I’m back and kickin.   The virtual paradise of Second Life has drawn be back into her arms, enveloping me in her decadent delights.

The cyberpunk utopia has only grown stronger in my absence and I’m oh so eager to let you all know whats what and who’s who in this rapidly emerging world.  So kiddies, jack in, open your eyes, and hold on tight because it’s gonna be a helluva ride.

I’ve recently set up in one of the best god damn cyberpunk sims I have seen in my life.  Insilico [The Insilico Site] has become more than just a hangout for me, but a home as well.  But that’s for an entirely different post, so don’t worry about that.

Keep checkin back folks, I’ve got some goodies up my sleeve for ya all in the future.


A day in the life of…

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I roll out of bed, groaning as the meat of my body yearns for the rest it barely gets.  Then again.. the flesh is cheap.  Its such a temporary, trivial thing.  My thoughts make their slow rounds as I take my morning routine at a snail’s pace, aching for the pure electricity of cyberspace. I just cant wait to jack in… its calling to me… screaming at me.

The lines of reality blur when you have everything you have ever wanted at your fingertips.  I only imagined a world like this in my dreams as a kid, a place where you could almost leave the body behind and be anyone.. or anything you have ever wanted.  Days seem like hours, colliding into each other when reality comes crashing in like an uninvited and obnoxious guest.

A cyber junkie, only chasing the next fix.  Breathing  for it, thinking about it, …living in it.  I sit down to escape the reality that seems to crush out my solitary existence, just a few clicks away from my own little paradise.

Click.. click.. and I’m in.  Endless fields of data… endless possibilities… all at my fingertips.

I can only imagine what someone would think of this, a few hundred years into the past.   ..they would probably go mad.

Rezzing in, the physical world becomes less tangible… detached…

I’ve only been here a month, but it feels like I’ve always belonged here.

I am home.

What is Cyberpunk

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What is a cyberpunk?  I’m hoping to clear the air for a few who are curious about the growing sub-culture by exploring it’s origins and influences.  The recources I have to go off of are fairly sparse, scattered to the wind all over the internet among various wiki’s, blogs, and web pages.

So it’s time to sit down, strap your ass in tight, and bear with me because this is a hard subject to explain from another person’s perspective.

First of all I would like to say that this is going to be an on-going project of mine, so check back often for updates.  I’m hoping to give full credit to all of my refferences, so if you read this and saw that I missed you… let me know and I’ll be glad to throw ya the credit.

This project is written from the perspective of a cyberpunk, it’s a movement and sub-culture I’ve grown up in and keep near and dear to the core beliefs of who I really am.  It’s more than just a literary movement, cultural phenomenon, or sub-culture to be passed over as another one of “those teenage phases”.  Cyberpunk is an identity, a philosophy, and a lifestyle to many people and should be given the respect it deserves instead of being misunderstood and even feared.

So let’s begin…

Cyberpunk, it should be pretty obvious to anyone if they would just look at the word.Cyberpunk is rebellious sub-culture that was once a literary movement started in the eigthies.  So how does it apply to today?  The answer is fairly simple, because of certain advancements in society and technology the movement has been given new life, today the cyberpunk movement is alive and well.

Today the movement has transcended from being a literary movement into an actual sub-culture.  The worldwide popularity of the internet has given cyberpunk a chance to grow and define itself through what we know today as cyber-culture.

With every culture there are those few who make their home on the fringes of society, making it their own.  It’s safe to say that cyberpunks are the result of our technology driven world.  Mega corporations, constant surveillance, cyber-crime, and recent advancements in cybernetics have made the near future world of cyberpunk literature a reality.

Hackers, pirates, bloggers, programmers, and web designers have all become a reality.  They set themselves apart with their ideas on authority, their programs, and their web pages.  Most of them have even adopted a loose manifesto, declaring authority a threat to their individuality.

In 1997, Christian A. Kirtchev wrote a manifesto that stands out from the rest because of it’s clear message.

“1/ We are those, the Different. Technological rats, swimming in the ocean of information.

2/ We are the retiring, little kid at school, sitting at the last desk, in the corner of the class room.

3/ We are the teenager everybody considers strange.

4/ We are the student hacking computer systems, exploring the depth of his reach.

5/ We are the grown-up in the park, sitting on a bench, laptop on his knees, programming the last virtual reality.

6/ Ours is the garage, stuffed with electronics. The soldering iron in the corner of the desk and the nearby disassembled radio–they are also ours. Ours is the cellar with computers, buzzing printers and beeping modems.

7/ We are those that see reality in a different way. Our point of view shows more than ordinary people can see. They see only what is outside, but we see what is inside. That’s what we are–realists with the glasses of dreamers.

8/ We are those strange people, almost unknown to the neighborhood. People, indulged in their own thoughts, sitting day after day before the computer, ransacking the net for something. We are not often out of home, just from time to time, only to go to the nearby radio shack, or to the usual bar to meet some of the few friends we have, or to meet a client, or to the backstreet druggist… or just for a little walk.

9/ We do not have many friends, only a few with whom we go to parties. Everybody else we know we know on the net. Our real friends are there, on the other side of the line. We know them from our favorite IRC channel, from the News-Groups, from the systems we hang-around:

10/ We are those who don’t give a shit about what people think about us, we don’t care what we look like or what people talk about us in our absence.

11/ The majority of us likes to live in hiding, being unknown to everybody except those few we must inevitably contact with.

12/ Others love publicity, they love fame. They are all known in the underground world. Their names are often heard there. But we are all united by one thing–we are Cyberpunks.

13/ Society does not understand us, we are “weird” and “crazy” people in the eyes of the ordinary people who live far from information and free ideas. Society denies our way of thinking–a society, living, thinking and breathing in one and only one way–a cliché.

14/ They deny us for we think like free people, and free thinking is forbidden.

15/ The Cyberpunk has outer appearance, he is no motion. Cyberpunks are people, starting from the ordinary and known to nobody person, to the artist-technomaniac, to the musician, playing electronic music, to the superficial scholar.

16/ The Cyberpunk is no literature genre anymore, not even an ordinary subculture. The Cyberpunk is a stand-alone new culture, offspring of the new age. A culture that unites our common interests and views. We are a unit. We are Cyberpunks.”

Cyberpunks are becoming a new breed of anti-authoritarian visionaries.  The youth of the eighties and nineties are just now coming into their own age.  Many people  have come to call it  “The Digital Generation” because of our ability to openly embrace technology.

Cyberpunk music is often defined by the harsh and electronic sounds of the industrial genre and its various counterparts.  Originating in the mid 70’s with Throbbing Gristle the loose term placed on harsh electronic music has become an integral part of the cyberpunk culture.

The literature the movement has sprung from is probably one of the most important things in defining the cyberpunk culture.  Given it’s name by Bruce Bethke through his short story “Cyberpunk” (which can be found here) in 1980.  It soon grew into a full swing literary niche, used by some of the most innovative authors of the 20th century including William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, John Shirley, Rudy Rucker, Michael Swanwick, Pat Cadigan, Lewis Shiner,and Richard Kadrey. Many of them winning awards such as the Nebula Award and the Philip K. Dick Award among several others.

With the first personal computer (the IBM 5100) released in 1981 the stage was set for the world we know today, and cyberpunk literature has played an important role in that development.  For the first time in history the computer was small enough and affordable enough for a family to own, but was quickly relegated to programming enthusiasts as a toy for hobbies.

In 1989, Timothy Berners-Lee brought us the World Wide Web and the world practically changed overnight.  Suddenly people could access information from across the globe in the comfort of their own homes.  It was (in my opinion) probably one of the most important developments in technology since the wheel.

The real birth of the cyberpunk came with the ability to use the technology given to us to rebel against authority, paticcularly the internet.  The defining piece to the puzzle fell into place, giving a literary movement the ability to jump out of the pages and into real life.

Today the movement is only picking up speed.  Second Life, fully functional metaverse I am proud to say I am a part of is a major part in the development of this culture.  The possibility is limitless with the platform of a metaverse, it’s an international community where people can virtually share their ideas, art, music, literature, experiences and most important of all… information.

After all… Information Wants to Be Free.

Club Industry

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For those rivetheads, cyberpunks, cybergoths, and any other creepy crawler out there looking for a fucking good time a great club I found in Second Life is well worth a try.  I heard about it through a random search for clubs figuring there must be at least one or two clubs out there.

Much to my delight I stumbled across a sight for sore eyes.  The industrial filled the air with it’s sweet crunchy noise and harsh beat.  My head swimming with the marching mechanical sounds of Angelspit as I walked in.  The staff gladly accepted a few obscure requests I had, and actually knew what the hell I was talking about.

The crowd was alive, and seemed like they were having the time of their lives.  Apparently this is one of the top industrial clubs here on the grid.  I can see why, I’m thoroughly impressed by what I’ve seen and plan to make this place a favorite spot of mine.

Anyways here’s the SLURL to Club Industry so you can check it out for yourself.  I plan on checking out a couple more clubs, so if you know of any feel free to let me know.

My first venture into Second Life

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My first venture into the world of Second Life was brought about by a blog I stumbled across looking for more people into the cyberpunk lifestyle.  Stacia Villota wrote a few interesting posts and from what I read and saw I was hooked.  I spent a few days digging up resources, the typical geek stuff from tutorials to videos, to every wiki article that seemed of interest.  A week later I found myself downloading the game, creating an account and as William Gibson so aptly put it in his book Neuromancer” I was “jacking in”.

Second Life… I was skeptical at first.  I thought it was just another annoying micro transaction money pit filled with 15 year old German kids and perverts running around as whatever avatar they could dream up.  I had seen several snippets from tech shows bashing the game including the MMO Report on G4TV.  I soon discovered this wasn’t the case.  The depth of this game has moved beyond what I would even consider an MMO and become something more.

When I opened the program I about died when I noticed there was only about sixty thousand people online.  Compared to games such as WoW..[-cringe-] it’s not even a blip on the radar.  Even games like Everquest 2 [-gag-] dwarf this project.  I could hardly believe this had been around for several years.

Anyways I put my goggles and helmet on and dived in head first, hoping there was water in the pool.  I ended up on Avatar Island and was greeted by a fucking weird cell shaded penguin… thing… who asked if I needed any help.  Horrified at the frightening curiosity of a bored animator’s nightmare.  I plugged in “newbie” in the search bar and got the hell out of there.

I was soon aimlessly stumbling across several sims by means of teleporting, trying to find free shit so I could stop looking like a complete asshole who just fell out of an episode of “Dawson’s Creek”.  The people I met were unusually nice… it was scary as hell.  I never once heard “STFU N00B I 4M T3H L33735T H4X0R 4R0UND” or ..something along those lines which would of instantly made me throw my laptop across the room.

I had e-mailed the author of the blog that was at fault for putting the SL Bumble bee into my head and I was soon PM’ed by her in the game.  I was already off to a great start and she gave some pretty good advice to get me up and running in the game.  The entire system is pretty simple and easy to learn, having a good mentor is always helpful.  Ended up at a live music event, which was actually good.  I’m not a huge jazz fan, but I can’t bash it.  I thoroughly enjoyed a short set played by someone from Spain or Mexico… I couldn’t tell from listening to him.

Anyways after a while I was left to my own devices and had already plugged about 14$ from my bank account into the game for their currency of Lindens and it was burning a hole in my pocket.  I spent the next few hours digging around several sims and exploring the fully interactive environments until I came up with a look I could identify with.

Somehow, I ended up looking like I crawled right out of “Mad Max”, but then again my personality isn’t too far from the that.

Second Life is a cyberpunk’s wettest dream come true.  You can literally get anything, do anything, see anything, get info on anything, it’s a virtual utopia.

Oh yea… and did I mention lots of cyberpunk stuff…. its fucking everywhere.